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Seychelles join the Global Impact Network

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The Seychelles Islands through their Tourism Board have joined the Global Impact Network, to align their social responsibility strategy with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Global Impact Network is a virtual gateway that has embraced the 17 global objectives established by the UN for the protection of our planet and to ensure sustainable development. Thanks to this tool, we can discover how to contribute to this great global project and measure – as individuals, companies and associations – the impact of our choices and our actions. Through an app it is possible to participate in some fun and achievable challenges on issues and problems related to sustainability.

Our food choices (what we buy and where we buy it), the means of transport we use, how much waste we produce, if and how we contribute to keeping our city, our neighborhood clean, the use of clean energy. Any action taken, any choice made can be measured in order to know the impact generated. The result will be shown on your profile. But it’s not just this. Designed as a race for good, it allows you to fight for badges in your community, organization, company and country, allowing you to become a champion of sustainability.

Seychelles Tourism Board’s vision in this regard is to use travel as a positive awareness tool to empower partners and visitors to collectively contribute to environmental, social and economic challenges by facilitating and praising the positive impact globally. But how? To begin with, STB has selected 4 objectives to be achieved: use of 0 km products, beach cleaning, reforestation and dissemination.

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Through the Global Impact platform, Seychelles Tourism Board wants to become a promoter of initiatives of social interest aiming to achieve successful sustainable strategies. Seychelles Tourism Board’s mission is to take tourism one step further. The aim is for visitors to have a profound experience of the Seychelles and for it to transform them profoundly during their journey. By downloading the app and subscribing to the STB community, they will be able to participate in fun and constructive challenges, which will help them to learn about the fundamental values ​​of the territory and contribute to a global return. The Seychelles Tourism Board’s aim is to make its visitors ambassadors of the Seychelles when they return home. They will be able to continue their project, take on new challenges and transform this experience into a new lifestyle.

The hope is that visitors will join the project by experimenting with the various activities present through the Global Impact Network as an ideal platform to allow visitors to share the experiences of their visit and the positive individual impact they can have to compensate for such a long journey for reach this destination. It means transforming the visitor’s heart while doing something constructive and wonderful in the Seychelles for its people and for the entire planet. People need to change their habits for them to become a way of life. It is time to take urgent action to tackle climate change. We can make a difference with our actions, a change in our daily habits can have a powerful effect on global change

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