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Intesa Sanpaolo, Barrese (Banca dei Territori): “alongside companies to relaunch the country”

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Less than two months after the merger with Ubi, Banca Intesa presented the new structure of its Banca dei Territori. The division, widespread and articulated throughout the country, will be made up of 12 regional directorates. Today, in an online event, the head of the division, Stefano Barrese, illustrated the new guise of reality. “With the completion of the integration of Ubi Banca, the migration of its customers and the entry of new colleagues, we are even closer to families and businesses to carry out together the fundamental path of post-Covid recovery and to participate in the implementation of the NRP by virtue of of the commitment of the nearly 50 thousand people of the Banca dei Territori – said Barrese -. Thanks to the competitiveness and dynamism of 1.2 million entrepreneurial excellence that we see growing and that we support in their projects, our economy will once again be able to achieve a strong recovery of GDP and export values ​​to bring our country back to the top. of international economies “.

New offers have been designed for companies. “To all these companies – explained Barrese – Intesa Sanpaolo is dedicating new financial intervention and consultancy tools, to favor, also through the creation of new supply chains, the path towards innovation, internationalization and the achievement of those parameters of sustainability and impact necessary to ensure constant growth in the future. In fact, our group continues to establish new supply chain processes and the qualitative strengthening of existing ones, a strategy of which we claim the primogeniture in 2015 and which today is widely considered as an essential basis for the relaunch of the country’s economy also in the ” scope of the Pnrr “.

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Particular attention will be paid to the excellence of the Italian economy. The new structure will in fact include the newly formed Agribusiness Department, led by Renzo Simonato, to oversee one of the major Italian production sectors which represents 11% of GDP, serving over 80,000 customer companies with 230 operating points, which are worth over 12 to the Group. billions of euros in loans.

The 12 Regional Departments will represent the reference of the territories for sustainable growth. The Division with 13.5 million customers, approximately 50,000 employees, totals almost 800 billion euros in total loans and deposits, equal to approximately 50% of the national GDP. Meanwhile, in the first five months of the year, 20 billion euros have already been disbursed (+ 12% compared to the first 5 months of 2020), of which 11 billion to SMEs and micro-enterprises. The objective is to relaunch the confidence of SMEs with investments towards digitalization, ecological transition, internationalization and supply chain systems and to support the restart by accompanying families and young people in their real estate, protection and savings management choices; extend advanced digital and multichannel services to support customers.

“Our country has an economy of production chains and districts and has territorial capitalism. This is a turning point for the Italian economy, the recovery has started and it is a historic opportunity to modernize the country – said Gregorio De Felice, Intesa Sanpaolo’s chief economist during the presentation of the new Banca dei Territori -. The world reality is very differentiated, growth is led by the US and Asia and the driving factors are the vaccination campaign, fiscal space and pre-Covid efficiency levels. The Next generation Eu program also represents the rediscovered identity of Europe and Italy can play an essential game in this regard ». De Felice explained that the recovery will be led by international trade. «In Italy this quarter is already seeing a good acceleration: + 1% quarter on quarter. Then will come the rebound of the world of services and tourism in the second quarter with a + 2% on a quarterly basis. In 2021 we estimate a growth of 4.6% and in 2022 a + 4%, which will be a little lower in the following years »said De Felice.

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