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First refrigerated Ford Transit Custom Plug-in hybrid delivered

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The first refrigerated Ford Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid has been delivered at the FordStore and Transit Center Ambrostore. The vehicle with rechargeable hybrid technology ensures up to 56km of travel in 100% electric mode and thanks to the 1.0 Ecoboost endothermic unit, used exclusively as a range extender, it can reach more than 500 km of autonomy. Without any compromise in terms of payload (830 g), load volume (3.9m3) and functionality, thanks to an accurate positioning under the bed of the 13.6 kw lithium-ion batteries, the main advantages of the Plug-in technology In Hybrid they are the possibility to travel with zero emissions when needed, no recharge anxiety because the thermal engine recharges the batteries. Thanks to the socket located inside the front bumper, the Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid can be recharged both with a 240 volt 10 amp domestic power supply, which allows to obtain a full charge in 4.3 hours, and with an industrial power supply type 2 AC, which reduces the time to 2.7 hours. Furthermore, it is possible to recover energy thanks to the regenerative charging system when the vehicle decelerates or brakes. The Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid delivered to Nieddittas is equipped with the first fully electric integrated refrigeration unit, Kerstner e-CoolJet106, the beating heart of the configuration, developed by Lamberet, manufacturer of controlled temperature equipment, dedicated to professionals operating in urban areas. “The delivery of our Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid, set up with the innovative Lamberet cold room, to Nieddittas, a Sardinian company that is quickly establishing itself in the world of urban food delivery and very sensitive to the green theme, is the confirmation that the road taken by Ford towards the electrification of commercial vehicles is a winning one “said Marco Buraglio, Head of the Ford Italy Commercial Vehicles Division. “It also represents the concrete way of accompanying companies towards the future of eco-sustainable transport, without compromise in terms of travel range and vehicle load capacity. Thanks to the investments made in the electrification sector, in the 1 and 2 ton segment , Ford is still the only player on the market to offer Mild Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid engines “. Ford Custom Plug-In Hybrid at controlled temperature benefits from the well-known Easyfit by Lamberet system, which ensures maximum thermal insulation, safeguarding the van’s range and space: compressor and condenser are practically invisible under the chassis, in place of the spare wheel; an ultra-flat evaporator is integrated into the roof inside the load compartment, also being invisible both from the inside and from the outside; the refrigeration insulation is ensured through special slots for the passage of cold. The refrigeration unit is a Kerstner (Lamberet Group brand) Cooljet 106 A, the first fully electric integrated refrigeration unit, capable of ensuring positive cold (8-12 and 15-25 degrees) up to a maximum of 5 m3 , therefore, for small and medium sized vans. The fridge, weighing only 53 kg, can be powered in different ways: the most classic foresees the vehicle alternator as an energy source; alternatively it can be connected to a transformer socket. “The energy consumption – explains Ismaele Iaconi, Lamberet Italia Sales & Marketing Director – is equal to 45 amps, practically less than what is needed to power the vehicle air conditioner. Thanks to the high efficiency in terms of cooling, there are no peaks of energy requests. Therefore, the configuration does not impact on the autonomy of the vehicle. The result obtained is twofold: the van remains unaltered in its carrying capacity and in its performance in terms of zero-emission mileage “. Another peculiar feature, the Lamberet set-up does not include structural interventions on the vehicle. “The lines of the Transit Custom that we know – adds Iaconi – remain those of the manufacturer, guaranteeing the same aerodynamic performance and silence in the cabin, the same internal height of the load compartment and equal capacity for battery regeneration with energy recovery during braking. or downhill “. (ITALPRESS). tvi / com 08-Jun-21 17:26

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