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Auto Industry Capital Flows Daily on June 11_ 东方 Fortune.com

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Original title: Auto Industry Capital Flows Daily on June 11

  Shanghai IndexOn June 11, it fell 0.58%. Among the 28 first-level industries to which Shenwan belongs, 9 of them rose today. The leading industries were electrical equipment and automobiles, with gains of 1.61% and 1.23%.Automobile industryRanked second in today’s list of gains. The top decliners are the national defense and military industry,food and drink, The decline was 3.39% and 2.02%.

In terms of funding, the two citiesMain forceThe net outflow of funds throughout the day is 42.09 billion yuan, and today there are 6 major industry fundsNet inflowAutomobile industryThe net inflow of major funds ranked first. The industry rose by 1.23% today, with a net inflow of 649 million yuan throughout the day, followed byPublic utilitiesIndustry, the daily increase was 0.90%, and the net inflow of funds was 588 million yuan.

There are 22 industries with a net outflow of major funds. The electronic industry has the largest net outflow of major funds, with a net outflow of 6.938 billion yuan throughout the day, followed by the computer industry, with a net outflow of 5.992 billion yuan, and there are more net outflows. Non-bank financial, national defense and military industry, medical and biological industries.

  Automobile industryToday’s rise is 1.23%, and the day’s main capital inflow is 649 million yuan. There are 204 individual stocks in the industry. Today, 79 stocks have risen and 8 stocks have a daily limit; 119 stocks have fallen and 1 stock has a lower limit.ToCash flowAccording to statistics, there are 71 stocks with net inflows of funds in this industry, of which 5 stocks have net inflows of more than 100 million yuan, and net inflows are the topBYD, The net inflow of funds today is 797 million yuan, followed byWell-off sharesGuangqi Technology, The net inflow of funds was 689 million yuan and 268 million yuan respectively.Among the stocks with net outflow of capital in the auto industry, 5 stocks have a net outflow of more than 100 million yuan.Haima MotorBAIC Blue ValleyChangan Automobile, The net outflows were 250 million yuan, 214 million yuan, and 140 million yuan respectively. (Data treasure)

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Auto industry capital inflow list

Auto industry capital outflow list

Note: This article is a news report and does not constitute investment advice. The stock market is risky and investment needs to be cautious.

(Article source: data treasure)

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