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Agriculture, Patuanelli “From the Pnrr tools for digital transition”

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FLORENCE (ITALPRESS) – “The restart of the country also passes through agriculture and, in this sense, technological innovation and digital transition represent the central points to be developed through the intervention tools provided by the Government with the Pnrr. The objective that we want to pursue, is to provide the agricultural sector with a broad package of tools to facilitate the transition to sustainable food systems “. Thus the Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Stefano Patuanelli opened the webinar organized as part of the Earth Tech Expo. “Today the degree of adoption of new technologies in our companies has yet to grow – he added – for this reason agriculture can be considered a more fertile ground for declining a modern concept of technological transition in a sustainable and competitive sense. To follow this path of innovation, however, it is necessary to support young companies and retrain workers, through a constant training process, in order to incorporate all the tools of this new agricultural model “, concluded Patuanelli. In Italy the 4.0 agriculture market is worth 540 million and, in 2020, it recorded a growth of 20% compared to the previous year. The area of ​​land cultivated with precision agricultural tools is now equal to 4%, but it is estimated to reach 10% by 2025 thanks also to the introduction of broadband in rural areas. According to David Granieri, vice president of Coldiretti, “sustainability must be understood in the widest possible sense. We cannot ignore a model that does not consider ethics, nutrition and economics. In this sense, we need to push on the innovation process, on monitoring systems and on the anti-waste ones. The Italian model in this is among the most advanced, but there is still a lot to do “. However, technology in agriculture is not only about improving the management of crops, but also offers a great opportunity for the optimization of resources, starting with water. According to Mauro Centritto of the CNR, a solution to recover water resources could be to reuse waste water. “In this way, about 80 cubic meters of water would be recovered per year per inhabitant. A resource that is currently dispersed in the sea or in the terminal stretches of rivers, but which would also be useful for recovering agronomically useful substances such as phosphorus and organic carbon” . According to Erasmo D’Angelis, general secretary of the District Basin Authority of the Central Apennines, currently “we are still used to considering agriculture as an ancient and rather backward world, when instead we must realize that everything has changed, especially thanks to technology” . (ITALPRESS). ads / com 09-Jun-21 15:54

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